Our programs connect children across the globe in a unique an impactful way.

Global Empathy Education

Empathy equips individuals with 21 st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. It creates a more inclusive community and a willingness to make a positive impact.

The Lunch Project develops empathy through education, cultural respect, and empowerment.  Our program takes students, educators, parents, and interested individuals on a journey where they can make a difference in the world globally or in their own world locally.

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Anyone of any size can make a difference

Summer of service is an opportunity for families to put their values into action while developing empathy and learning about another culture.

SOS provides kids a relatable way to help and an attainable goal. The supplies for the Lunch Project's community-run lunch programs in Tanzania cost 9¢ a meal.

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The Lunch Program

Our Lunch Program funds community-run lunch programs in Tanzanian primary schools, giving kids the fuel to learn, while stimulating the local economy by purchasing locally sourced goods and services.

By providing the communities we serve in Tanzania with the funds necessary to run  school lunch programs, we are helping them on their path towards sustainability. Through education, they will be able to develop their community from within.
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