Summer of Service empowers kids to put empathy into action!

Help your child become a social entrepreneur!

Studies show that empathy is a necessary component of a healthy child. The Lunch Project’s Summer of Service teaches empathy by providing elementary-aged kids with an attainable goal and a relatable way to help others. Through the SOS program, not only are children developing empathy by raising money and awareness for a good cause, they are tapping into their creativity and passions.

We are excited to announce a free summer family workshop for our SOS Families:
"Cultivating Empathy in Children"

The workshop will be presented by Bea Moise, M.S., BCCS., a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, a respected Parent Coach at Southeast Psych & creator of A Child Like Mine, LLC

The SOS program is free and completely on your own schedule. When you register, your children will get an SOS t-shirt, planning materials, and some cool swag from The Lunch Project!

Upcoming 2018 Packet Pick Up Locations and Times:

  • Saturday, June 9
  • Golden Cow Creamery, Morrison Shopping Center, 720 Gov Morrison Street, Charlotte, NC 28211
  • 12 PM to 2 PM
  • Saturday, June 16
  • Golden Cow Creamery, Morrison Shopping Center, 720 Gov Morrison Street, Charlotte, NC 28211
  • 12 PM to 2 PM

Step 1: Register

Nine cents provides supplies for one hot meal and $100 provides supplies for an entire school of 900 children to have lunch.

Step 2: Watch the videos 

Step 3: Change the world!

Once your project is complete, it’s easy to make your donation online! Just Visit Our Donation Page to do so online, or you can mail a check to:

  • The Lunch Project
  • P.O. Box 31264
  • Charlotte, NC 28231
Please use the comments field above to indicate your children’s names, or write it into the Memo field if mailing a check.

More Resources

For more information or to tell us all about your project email us:

We Love Pictures! To share your experience and celebrate other Summer of Service projects and remember to use #TLPSOS2018 in all your Summer of Service-related posts!

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